Before earning monikers like The Animal or The Grand Mizard of Lust, WWE Superstars and Divas grew up with friend and family-given nicknames. Can you detect which nicknames belonged to these competitors prior to Superstardom? Start in the left and correctly match the Superstar to this or her corresponding nickname on the right to read the back story.

nicknames quiz wwe

Wrestling Nicknames Quiz

A very interesting quiz about some famous wrestlers, let's see if you're able to put each one nicknames correctly. First select the picture of the person that you know, and then select the nickname that fits exacly. If you're wrong a large red X appears on the screen.

If you combined the right nickname with the right photo you will be able to see a text that will explain how it came the respectively wrestler to receive the nickname. You will be very surprised by the results of this, also is for your informational purposes.

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