Wrestling Ball Breakers

Crank up your sound and go head to dead with wwe superstars to cnock'em out. Then, challenge your friends to beat your score. Get bonus points for eliminating wwe logos, but watch out for falling objects and other surprises.

ball breakers

WWE Ball Breakers Unblocked

A classic game with balls turn into one wrestling characters head game ready to impress you. With the platform, guides the ball over the head characters and try to eliminate them all. Do not let the ball get away, your lives are limitate. With each object removed your score will increase considerably and this must be your interest in this game.

If you are over lives, there is no problem, you can start over with new strengths, to build your skill needed to beat your record. Surely you can handle the ball better. Pay attention to the special items, some are good and others not. You have to avoid those who hurt you. A great time to have fun with this interactive game for children.

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