Kungfu Grandpa

A great game sponsored by Armor Games. The idea of the game is to help the Grandpa to eliminate all the hooligans from the street. Help him to face every obstacle to create a quiet area in which to rest.

kung-fu grandpa

Unblocked Kungfu Grandpa Online

The old man can not rest these days because of hooligans that roam the streets of his neighborhood. With knowledge of kung fu, he decides to go to the streets to calm the neighborhood. Now he needs to remember how to fight him like in his youth.

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard along with three buttons z, x, c, you'll be able to execute different kicks to protect you from enemies. Collect all the items that will appear in your way. They will help you pass faster each level. With the money collected you can buy some improvement to your body like strength or life.

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